Each month we will take an original watch and have it cloned. We will only produce 150 pieces and as soon as we sell out we will clone another model. This is a special project we have started for serious watch collectors.


Made with a Genuine Forge Carbon Watch Completely Dissected….

The Ultimate Best and Real 1 : 1 .. Real Forge Carbon Clone.. The Genuine is shown Below .. Fully Dissected As Proof ….Not Just Wild Unjustifiable Claims

As shown in the pics.. This rep constructed the same way as per Genuine .. All parts are totally interchangeable with the Genuine The Forge Carbon is the Same Construction Method as for the Genuine .. Though Every Piece Looks Different .. it has the Same Grain Family as the Genuine Cos its made the Same Way … Same Weight and Density for good Waterproofing Qualities !!

Other Specs.. Real Genuine C1 Super Luminova On Dial and Needles, Colorless AR Coating on Date Cyclops, Titanium Crown, Lug Screws, End Links as per Genuine, Individual Serials on Case-back !!

Everything is 100% Swiss Clone Standards – Nothing is Asian, Chinese etc. Watch is absolutely identical and an AP dealer will not be able to tell!